We Can End Homelessness!

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Housing and Services

Our housing will be affordable with flexible services based on the individual’s needs and goals.  Services will be voluntary.   We will focus on helping our tenants be successful in housing and improving the quality of their lives.
We will use repurposed shipping containers to develop affordable rental housing for homeless people.  Our research shows that:
  • Shipping containers are an abundant supply
  • Repurposing containers is good for the environment.
  • Containers can be converted to safe, livable, and attractive housing in a matter of days
  • The off-site conversion results in less disruption to the community
We will use evidence-based practices to help our tenants succeed in housing and become an integral part of the community:
  • Permanent Supportive Housing combines affordable housing with services.
  • Critical Time Intervention helps the tenant transition from streets to housing and build community networks.