We Can End Homelessness!


Our New Approach

Our Plans to Build with Shipping Containers has Changed!

We are building our tiny house duplexes with wood.

While containers remain in abundant supply and we still believe that building with containers is good for the environment, resources that would have allowed off site conversion are no longer available. We found that local contractors with container build experience was limited.

Our housing will be affordable with flexible services based on the individual’s needs and goals.  Services will be voluntary.   We will focus on helping our tenants be successful in housing and improving the quality of their lives.


Evidence-based practices will help our tenants succeed in housing and become an integral part of the community:

  • PSH (Permanent Suppoprtive Housing) combines affordable housing with services.
  • Critical Time Intervention helps the tenant transition from streets to housing and build community networks.
  • Our Edible Landscape Program will provide fresh fruit and vegetables for our tenants
  • Peer support from our partners will help build connections in the community