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Although recent statistics show that the homeless population is decreasing, there should still be a cause for concern that this will change. There has been a decrease in affordable housing units compounded with a rise in rent costs between 2017 and 2018, furthering unaffordability for the many with low income. 

Why shipping containers?

  • Shipping containers are inexpensive, strong and in plentiful supply.
  • By converting containers, we can drastically speed the process of getting people into safe, dignified housing.

Will it be like living in a box?

  • No.  Our units will be fully converted into attractive, functional housing that we think people will be proud to call home.

Isn’t it important to increase homeownership in our neighborhoods?

  • Absolutely.  But the fact is, not everybody is in a position to buy a home right now.  We’re focused on supportive housing because that’s where our expertise is, and because we know that having a secure home and a stable rental history will help more people move into home ownership.

Has this been done before?

  • Yes.  People are using shipping containers as the raw material for houses in all kinds of places, like Canada, Los Angeles, England, and New Zealand.  We know and love that New Orleans is a unique place, so rather than take a “one size fits all” approach, we’re working with local folks to make sure that our solution embraces the traditions and meets the affordable housing needs of the community.