What We Do


The Approach

Tiny House Duplexes!

  • One Bedroom Units Fully Furnished
  • Energy Efficient Appliances.
  • In Unit Washer and Dryer
  • A Fully Accessible Unit
  • Affordable with flexible services based on individual needs and goals.

Case Management

Counseling, independent living skills, harm reduction services for health, mental health as well as drug and alcohol use, money management and employment assistance.

Edible Landscape Program

Fruit trees, vegetables, and berries on each property. Tenants to assist in maintaining the gardens. Gardening, nutrition and cooking education.

Before the pandemic, New Orleans faced an affordable housing crisis. Rents increased 31% between 2004 and 2018. The pandemic, millions unemployed, ongoing racial injustice have made it abundantly clear, we need to change our approach.


Read here for recommended strategies and priorities that can lead to safe, healthy, comfortable housing for all!

Tiny House FAQs

Has This Been Done Before?

Yes. Cities across the country are building tiny houses for homeless folks both for rental and homeownership.

Why Tiny Homes?

Tiny houses are environmentally friendly, a smaller footprint. More energy efficient and easier to maintain.

Is It Like Living In A Box?

No. The duplexes will be attractive and functional housing that people will be proud to call home.

Isn’t Increasing Homeownership Important?

Absolutely! But not everybody is in a position to buy a home right now.